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Alienware Alpha, the not-a-Steam-Machine gaming rig is available for preorder today

By (Hayden Dingman) Alienware Alpha, the “Steam-Machine-That-Totally-Isn’t-A-Steam-Machine-Because-It-Runs-Windows,” is now available for preorder, the company announced Tuesday. The box retails for $550 and includes a wireless Xbox 360 controller. We got a first look at the Alpha’s UI last week in San Francisco, and the key word here is Console. […]

Apple Honors Robin Williams With iTunes Store Section Featuring More than 40 Movies, Comedy Routines

By Juli Clover Following the tragic news of the death of Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams, Apple has created a “Remembering Robin Williams” dedicated section of the iTunes Store housing many of the actor’s popular movies and stand up comedy routines. Along with offering movies organized into categories like “Essentials,” “Comedy,” […]

Oculus Rift SDK finally adds support for OS X

By Buster Hein Oculus Rift headsets might become the next big thing of the future, so to make it easier for Mac developers to actually get their apps onto Rift, Oculus is finally making it possible to compile Rift-compatible apps on a Mac.… › …read more Source: Cult of Mac

Rime’s emotional new trailer will cure your wanderlust

By Rob LeFebvre Beautiful piano music, a young protagonist, gorgeous visuals and landscapes fill the new trailer for upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Rime, from TequilaWorks and Sony Computer Entertainment. The young boy, reminiscent of other young wandering protagonists like Link (Legend of Zelda),… › …read more Source: Cult of Mac

Pebble firmware updated to version 2.4

By Jerry Hildenbrand A firmware update for the Pebble smartwatch is pushing out today, bringing the watch to version 2.4 and fixing a slew of bugs and annoyances. You should get a notice that a new version of the operating system is ready for you via the Pebble companion app […]

DisplayPort vs HDMI: What's the difference?

By (Chris Martin) The technology world can be a confusing place especially with different standards to choose from. Here we look at DisplayPort vs HDMI explaining what the differences are. These days HDMI is everywhere and a commonly known interface in consumer electronics. DisplayPort may be used less but […]

AMD shows off the guts of its first ARM server chip

By Peter Bright This is what Seattle looks like underneath its heatsink. AMD First unveiled in January, AMD today gave a detailed look at its first ARM-based server processor, the Opteron A1100 “Seattle.” Seattle has eight 64-bit ARM Cortex-A57 cores arranged into four pairs, with each pair sharing 1MB of […]